Some Actual Reviews From Our Past Clients, Including, Record Labels, Media Groups, Producers, Bands and Solo Artsist

"Cool i just listened to it. Man you have talent. Your ears are tuned to perfection. You are magic CJ. It sounds fat and brilliant!, please tell me the secret"

Salvo Riggi - Cleopatra

"CJ, you did a great job mastering my band's album. The tracks sounded nice, warm and punchy!”

Mark Zampella From Zampella Music

"CJ, ounce again, thank you for doing a great job. This was known as the Doomed Album because it looked like it was never going to be completed. But, NOW IT IS! and it packs a huge punch. Thanks a lot, or as we say in Liverpool - 'ta la' (translated as 'thanks lad)"

Stephen Fleming of Le Emu tavern

 "CJ has consistently provided me with excellent masters of my music. I know his work is superior to other online mastering services because once I got the same song mastered by him and another website (that actually charged me more) and listened to them side by side. It was clear that he had done a much better job. This guy knows what he is doing, and I trust him with my music. Thanks CJ."

Mikayel Curim - The Story Of The Sun

"I Just wanted to say thanks for the great job. The song came out strong, clear and powerful. It sounds dope!"

Isaiah Jean From Azariah

"Hey CJ, thanks so much for your amazing talents on my project. I've enjoyed every mix you've presented me.....and you will be hearing from me on later projects"

Craig Black Of FATE

"Hello CJ, I am currently Listening to the tracks and I am thoroughly impressed. The quality is awesome. Thanks so much CJ, LOVE YOUR WORK"

Richard Adams Producer Of Heartbeat Of A Single Mother

"Thank You, I listened to the songs and it came out perfect. You did a hell of a job from what I heard. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Thanks."

Javi & Deandre

You really did a great job. Its out on itunes now. Many thanks for the excellent mastering job you did CJ - We will be back for our next album"

Robert Landry Producer Of Julia Pessoa

"Great job! Punchy, full, crisp sound and all songs at same level. I burned a CD and played it back through a small stereo system. Wow! What a difference! It was a fast turn around and I appreciate the updates at each stage of development."

Darryl Anthony

"Thanks a lot CJ, You've done a perfect job here - it's everything I'd hoped for. Insanely fast turnaround time too haha! This is perfect across the board. I knew I could rely on you to bring out the power/dynamics how I wanted. Have a great Christmas & all the best"

Ross Cooper