CJ Jacobson is our mastering engineer, mixing engineer and a proud new father. He is not only a professional audio engineer that specializes in mixing and mastering, but he is also a musician, teacher, songwriter, producer and mentor. He is accomplished in guitar (acoustic and electric), bass guitar, drums and keys / piano. He has played in 2 bands with Justin McBrain, the son of Nicko McBrain, the drummer of Iron Maiden.

CJ has had 26 years to sharpen and hone his skills as an audio engineer. His passion for recording, mixing and mastering began in Long Island, New York. This is where he bought his first Fostex 4 track, back in 1986. Since then, CJ's lust for engineering led him to learn and sharpen his skills as a professional audio engineer, that specializes in mixing and mastering.

CJ Jacobson has accumulated over a thousand credits and has mixed and mastered an award winning album. The album won the En-Sound Best Album Of 2010. He also has mastered movie soundtracks, such as "Driven To Kill... Again" and "The King Of Paper Chasin" and has mixed and mastered over 300 TV commercials to date.

CJ has taught courses in music production and the course was officially sponsored by Roland. He taught the ins and outs of the music production program called SONAR. His course is an official training partner of Cakewalk By Roland.

CJ Jacobson has vast skills, knowledge, experience and accomplishments in the mixing and mastering industry.