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Our expert mastering engineer has the resources and solutions to provide you with great sounding songs. Our long and positive track record for consistency, timely service, & expertise guarantees you get the best possible results for your music. 

What Our Audio Mixing Will Do To Your Songs

         ♦   If we mix your song, we will master it free of charge.
         ♦   Your song will have a 3D image in stereo. This is done by using unique procedures in panning and imaging                        
               Each track will be balanced in relativity to one another
         ♦   Equalization will be applied so you can hear every instrument clearly and every track will sit in their own frequency                   range
         ♦   The dynamics of each track will be controlled with the application of compressors in a way that all your instruments                 will be more powerful and will sit much better in the song
         ♦   Dimension, spaciousness and ambiance will be added to your song
         ♦   It will create a professional sounding mix and in return, your final master will sound so much better

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What Our Audio Mastering Will Do For You

         ♦   Enhances your final mix, giving it that polished and cohesive sound
         ♦   Your mix levels will be brought up to industry standard by increasing the peak and RMS levels to the highest                                  acceptable levels
         ♦   Your songs will sound superior on all the different playback systems. This includes your home stereo, car radio,                           iPod, pc speakers and any other possible sound system
         ♦   Your Low end will be improved by adding definition, strength and impact to it
         ♦   Your High-end will have luster and a crisp clearness to it
         ♦   It will fix any EQ deficiencies that your song may have
         ♦   We will use dynamic controlled processing to control and add power to your music
         ♦   The songs overall warmth will be increased
         ♦   The addition of ISRC codes, PQ codes and Cd Text will be encoded onto the master Cd, if you get the service that                       includes it
         ♦   Masters will be burned according to the strict Red Book specifications
         ♦   All your song levels will match. This makes a smooth transition form one song to another

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We Offer World Class, Audio Mastering, Song Mastering, CD Mastering, And Audio Mixing Services At An Affordable Price!

This enables the unsigned independent artist and bands the luxury to be able to afford the same high quality professional mixing and mastering services that the signed artist and bands have with all the major labels. Your music will be on the same level as the commercially released albums, if you decide to purchase one of our services. Now you can afford the same professional quality that the signed artist & bands achieve.

There is no replacement for having someone in an acoustically tuned room and a trained set of ears mix and/or master your music. The quality of your songs will dramatically improve and it will also increase the marketability of your music. Your chances for success will be significantly enhanced. We combine our expert skills and our years of experience to give you the best results. There is nothing like getting your songs mixed or mastered by an experienced professional engineer.

Mastering is the most important step in the music making process. It will make or break your song, ep or album. This step should never ever be overlooked. The difference it makes can be between you getting signed by a label, major or independent. All the songs you hear on the radio and all the Cd's you buy have all been mastered professionally and so should yours.

CJ Jacobson - Mastering Engineer

We Provide The Best Professional Mixing And Mastering Services That Fits Your Budget!

If you are ready to take your music to the next level and compete with the songs that are commercially released, then we are here to assist you by providing a wide range of services at a low price.

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We Specialize In All Genre's Of Music

Including rock, rap, metal, east cost and west coast hip hop, country, gospel, gothic, pop, reggae, r&b, dub step, folk, classical, electronic, trance, alternative, soft rock, grunge contemporary, speed metal, blues, house, chopera, opera, club, punk, soul, industrial, jazz, bluegrass, & many others

There is one thing I care about and that is making sure your songs sound their very best. I strive to make sure every project I master or mix, is treated like it was my own. No matter how big or small it may be and whether you are from a major label or someone who records in their bedroom. I am only as good as my last song i did.

A lot of my business is from repeat customers and references from clients that I have worked with in the past. I know its important to make sure you are completely satisfied as my families future depends on it. I'm only as good as the last project I mixed or mastered.

I have been mixing and mastering for over 25 years now. Be assured that your music is in good hands and that I will be personally handling and working on your project myself, unlike other places where you do not know who is working on your project.

CJ Jacobson, Professional Mixing and Mastering Engineer at Premier Mastering, A World-Class Mixing and Mastering Studio and Audio Mastering and Mixing

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