Frequently Asked Questions - Audio Mastering Facts - Mixing Tips

How To Prepare Your Audio Files For Mastering

  • Do not add any kind of limiting, compression and equalization effects to your master bus (mix bus) when mixing down to a stereo wave file.
  • To avoid any kind of clipping, do not let the peak level go above -3dB.Anywhere from -15dB to -3dB is perfectly fine.
  • Do not change your sample rate and bit depth. Keep them at there original rates.
  • We accept audio Wave files or AIFF files. MP3's are not to be used, unless there is no other option available.
  • To make the file upload easier, you can zip your audio files or make a rar file.

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  • We accept Wave files, AIFF files, broadcast wave files, CWB files (Cakewalk Bundle Files) and OMF files.
  • When sending wave files or aiff files, you need to export all your audio files from the same time-line in your project. This makes is so they line up when we start mixing them.
  • All your tracks should be dry, with no effects on them. The only reason for you to keep effects on any of your tracks is if there is an effect that is key to the sound you want, like a certain type of delay or flanger.
  • If you want to send us a rough mix, that's ok.
  • When sending the tracks to us, its easier if you zip them into a zip file or a rar file.
  • Mixes that are longer than 6 minutes are subject to an extra charge.

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Why Have Your Songs Professionally Mastered By Us

  • Getting your song mastered by an experienced mastering engineer will dramatically increase you chances of having your music noticed by a record executive or an A&R rep. You need your music to stand out from all the others and your music needs to compete with all the commercially signed artist and bands.
  • Mastering is the difference between your songs sounding like a demo and sounding like a commercially released cd.
  • Youll get your completed master within 1 to 2 days in most cases
  • You have the ability to request free revisons, if you feel somehting needs to be changed.
  • Our studio is on the cutting edge and has been acoustically tuned for the flattest frequency responce possible. This impoves the sound of your final masters
  • No matter if your a signed artsit or a struggling unsihend bedroom recordest, you will be treated with respect

Why Have Your Music Professioally Mixed By Us

  • We master your songs for free, if we mix it.
  • If you have your music mixed by an audio engineer with years of experience, your master will be significantly better and your chances for success will dramatically improve.
  • An experienced engineer with trained ears will mixed your music in a controlled environment.
  • The tunraround time for mixing is between 1 to 3 days in most cases.
  • Mixing is an art form. It takes many years and sometimes decades to fully understand all the little intricacies invloved in it.

What Is Mastering

Mastering involves a number of highly sophisticated audio techniques. In short, the quality of your music will be enhanced and it will prepare it for radio airplay, media distribution (like itunes) and cd replication/duplication. It will make your music sound its best on all sound systems by fixing any eq deficiencies and it will bring the overall volume up to acceptable levels.

How Come You Should Not Master Where You Recorded At

Take a look at any Cd that was released by a major label and you would see that its always mastered at a different location from where it was recorded at. Recording studios are not equipped for mastering and most audio engineers are not mastering engineers. Mastering engineers specialize in mastering and their studios are specially equiped and acoustically tuned for critical listening.

In order for your songs to be a success, you will need to have a non partial person with a trained set of ears in an acoustically tuned environment master your music.

Why Should I Not Use Compression / Limiting On The Master Bus Before The Mastering Stage

The simple answer is, because i cannot undo any mistakes that where done by the overuse and misuse of these things. The slightest incorrect settings on your attack, threshold and other settings can kill the dynamics and squeeze the life out of your song. Leave these things for the mastering stage to ensure the best possible results for your music.

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"CJ, ounce again, thank you for doing a great job. This was known as the Doomed Album because it looked like it was never going to be completed. But, NOW IT IS! and it packs a huge punch. Thanks a lot, or as we say in Liverpool - 'ta la' (translated as 'thanks lad)"

Stephen Fleming of Le Emu tavern

"Thank You, I listened to the songs and it came out perfect. You did a hell of a job from what I heard. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Thanks."

Javi & Deandre

You really did a great job. Its out on itunes now. Many thanks for the excellent mastering job you did CJ - We will be back for our next album"

Robert Landry Producer Of Julia Pessoa

Darryl Anthony - Free One

"Great job! Punchy, full, crisp sound and all songs at same level. I burned a CD and played it back through a small stereo system. Wow! What a difference! It was a fast turn around and I appreciate the updates at each stage of development."

Darryl Anthony

Ross Cooper - Beyond Pleasure Principles

"Thanks a lot CJ, You've done a perfect job here - it's everything I'd hoped for. Insanely fast turnaround time too haha! This is perfect across the board. I knew I could rely on you to bring out the power/dynamics how I wanted. Have a great Christmas & all the best"

Ross Cooper