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  • STEP 1 - Scroll down below and select and purchase one of the Mastering Services
  • STEP 2 - Complete the Order Form
  • STEP 3 - Upload your audio files

If You Want To Attend The Mastering Session and live in the Miami & Ft. Lauderdale Area, Contact Us For An Appointment & The Attended Session Pricing


You have the piece of mind knowing that if you want something changed, you can request revisions free of charge. Just submit the revisions to us and we will work on those revisions until you are 100 percent satisfied. You have 5 days from the time we send you the completed master to submit and request your revisions. We will keep working on those revisions until your satisfied.


The Turnaround time for 1 to 4 songs is between 1 to 2 days upon receiving your songs and payment. For 5  to 14 songs, its between 1 to 3 days. If you purchased the Mastering Service 2, please allow an extra 1 to 3 days for the mailing of the master Cd's to you.


Mastering Service 1

  1. Digital download of your final master to 16bit / 44.1kHz or at a format of your choice
  2. MP3 if requested when ordering
  • Price Per Song = $40.00
  • 10 - 14 Song Special = $399.00
  • For Every Song After 14 = $25.00

If you decide you need a gold master & a reference Cd, it will cost $30 per song for the 1st 3 songs and $15 a song after the 3rd song. Songs greater than 6.5 minutes are subject to an additional charge.

Mastering Service 1 Pricing

 Mastering Service 2

  1. One gold master grade CD, burned to red book specs
  2. One error checked reference CD
  3. Encoding of ISRC codes, PQ codes and CD text
  4. Digital downloads of all your masters
  5. A track sheet listing your codes, text, and song durations
  • 1 to 3 Songs = $60.00 Per Song
  • After The 3rd song = $50.00 Per Song
  • 10 - 14 Song Deal = $499.00
  • For Each Song After 14 = $30.00

Songs that are greater than 6.5 minutes long are subject to an additional charge. It is usually $10 per minutes

Mastering Service 2 Pricing




To upload your files to us, Click The "SEND IT" Button Below. To make your upload go faster, you may want to make a zip file or rar file of your songs and then send us that.

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  • For Best Results, No compression, no limiting and no Eq on your on your Master Bus when your exporting (mixing down) your song to a single stereo wave file.
  • Do not change your bit depth and sample rate when your mixing down your song. If your song is at 24bit and 48kHz, then this is what you would send us.
  • Loudness comes from the mastering stage, so give us an audio file that peaks no higher than -3dB. This is to help you avoid clipping.
  • Send us Wave files or AIFF files for mastering. Converting to MP3's degrade the sound quality. MP3's are not preferred, unless you have no other choice.








"CJ, ounce again, thank you for doing a great job. This was known as the Doomed Album because it looked like it was never going to be completed. But, NOW IT IS! and it packs a huge punch. Thanks a lot, or as we say in Liverpool - 'ta la' (translated as 'thanks lad)"

Stephen Fleming of Le Emu tavern

"Thank You, I listened to the songs and it came out perfect. You did a hell of a job from what I heard. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Thanks."

Javi & Deandre

You really did a great job. Its out on itunes now. Many thanks for the excellent mastering job you did CJ - We will be back for our next album"

Robert Landry Producer Of Julia Pessoa

Darryl Anthony - Free One

"Great job! Punchy, full, crisp sound and all songs at same level. I burned a CD and played it back through a small stereo system. Wow! What a difference! It was a fast turn around and I appreciate the updates at each stage of development."

Darryl Anthony

Ross Cooper - Beyond Pleasure Principles

"Thanks a lot CJ, You've done a perfect job here - it's everything I'd hoped for. Insanely fast turnaround time too haha! This is perfect across the board. I knew I could rely on you to bring out the power/dynamics how I wanted. Have a great Christmas & all the best"

Ross Cooper